Europe on a Budget: Tips for Backpackers


Many people dream of spending a summer backpacking through Europe. Be it baguettes in Paris, coffee in Amsterdam or relaxing on a beach in Santorini, you can customise a trip to any taste within the one continent.

If you’re considering loading some belongings into a backpack and setting off on a European adventure, here are some tips that can help you achieve it without spending too much cash.

Save on Where You Stay

This is where the costs can really add up, and depending on how much privacy you want, hostel dorm rooms are the cheapest option. Aim to spend anywhere between 18-40 EUR per night, depending on where you are. Rooms in Berlin will be cheaper than in Paris for example. But watch out for cockroaches!

The good news is that most hotels will supply breakfast (and WiFi), so you can cross one meal off the list within that cost if you really don’t want to stay in a hostel.

Plan Your Activities

To ensure that you get the experiences you want, plan your activities carefully so you can afford to do what you want.

You may need to skip the expensive wine tour so you can go up the Eiffel Tower, for example. On average, museums and tours cost about 14 EUR and remember, hop-on-hop-off bus tours serve as a great way to do a tour, but also get around a city.

Watch What You Eat

If there is one thing you’ll likely want to do in Europe, it’s eat everything. The food is nothing short of amazing, and eating cheap is fairly easy if you’re smart about it. Aim for the small shops that serve sandwiches or slices of pizza, as opposed to the higher-end restaurants that will cost a fortune.

The rule of thumb is that eastern Europe is a lot cheaper than western when it comes to food.

Just because you’re on a backpacker’s budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on what Europe has to offer. Plan ahead, be wise with your money and you’ll have an amazing time without breaking the bank.

Scottland Travel – Places To Include In Your Travel List After The Global Health Crisis

Scotland offers some of the best sights and travel destinations in the UK. It is a small country, but there are many fascinating sites and great sightseeing locations you can find there. If you are planning a trip to Scotland after the global health crisis, here are some of the places to see:

Glasgow cathedral


Glasgow is just one of the places you can visit in fabulous Scotland. It is a very safe place for travellers. Scotland’s biggest city is so intriguing chock-loaded with typical tourist sites art galleries, museums, and festivals. Stroll over the city and discover great parks with friendly locals. See the famous Glasgow cathedral and Glasgow School of Art while there. The lifting of travel restrictions now allows visitors to schedule a tour by booking online.

Scottish Highlands

The beautiful natural scenery, attractions and experiences make Scottish Highlands one of the top UK destinations. Explore the lochs, Munros and monsters, and Urquhart Castle when you visit the historic region of Scotland. From the gorgeous Inverness to John O’Groats in the north, the place is truly enthralling. The lovely scene sets an excellent place for a romantic getaway.


Explore Edinburgh and discover the places to visit. Travellers experience a unique blend of shopping, great dining options, interesting historical and cultural displays and beautiful architecture. Most of the town rose in the 18th century, and the place is rich in architectural splendour as you wander in elegant streets set against the dramatic silhouette of Edinburgh Castle and the medieval turrets and spires of the Old Town. Explore the larger area of Grassmarket, and there you will find elegant pedestrian-friendly public square filled with popular shops, cafes and galleries in the city.

Europe Travel Tips – Where To Go and What To Do

Planning to travel to Europe soon? You will love European countries for their amazing food, great fun and some of the world’s most incredible sights and cities. However, if you still don’t know what to do there, here are some of the great places you can visit and what you can do there:

See Fado music in Lisbon, Portugal

Fado is one of the most beautiful and authentic sounds you’ll hear when you visit Lisbon. It has been characterized as mournful tunes and lyrics that combine with ‘saudade’, which gives a feeling of irreparable and permanent loss. While it may sound depressing, but it is amazingly beautiful and soulful that makes it very popular in Portugal. In fact, Fado has been tantamount with Portugal since the early 1800s and up until now. Fado players (Fadistas) are normally seen playing in restaurants in Lisbon.

Visit the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Visiting the temple of Acropolis will take you back in time as the citadel dates back to 447 BC. The temple comes with a couple of architecturally and historically important structures such as the Parthenon that goes back to the 5th century BC. The Pantheon and other main structures on the Acropolis are known for its advanced creation. And while architects have been studying the building for centuries, they are still unsure how they did it back in the day.

Learn the Russian drinking culture

A stop at St. Petersburg, Russia will give you a chance to learn the tradition of making vodka, which started 500 years ago. The city is the best place to learn this age-old craft. It is also the place to learn how the vodka distillation helped shaped the history of the country. Learn more about it when you visit the Museum of Russian Vodka, then try a couple of samples at the local aquae vitae.

Singapore: Ways To Get Around The Metropolitan City

Whether you want to travel cheap or you have the right budget, you can enjoy your visit to Singapore and have a great time. Here are some ways to get around Singapore and how much you need for them:


Considered as the fastest and best way to get around, Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit or MRT has a rail network that is very extensive that it connects to most of the city’s main attractions. Most trips will cost around $4 SGD or $3 USD. If you want to save especially if you are staying for days in the city, better buy the Singapore Tourist Pass for $10 SGD or $7 USD for a day all pass, $16 SGD or $12 USD for a 2 day all pass, $20 SGD or $15 USD for three days. You will also need to deposit $10 SGD for the card but you can get it back if you return the card after five days.


Like the MRT, the bus system is also efficient and extensive. You can also use the Singapore Tourist Pass on the buses. But if you do not have the card, you can pay with cash, but it needs to be the exact change. A single trip can cost between $1.40 to $2.50 SGD.


Taxis may be convenient and comfortable, but they do not come cheap. All taxis are metered, but depending on the taxi company, you may need to pay for some surcharges. For instance, if you are going to ride a taxi at midnight to 6 am, a 50 per cent surcharge will be added to the total metered cost.

Travel London – Best Things You Can Do In The City

London has been attracting 27 million visitors every year and has been considered as the most visited city in Europe. This should not be a surprise since the city was founded by the Romans and has flourished over the centuries.

Here are some of the best things you can do in the city:

Visit the most famous park, Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest park in London and holds the most historical significance in the place, having hosted a number of protests and demonstrations, which includes the Suffragettes. The park’s infamous Speaker’s Corner still holds protests, debates and performance artists every week. It is also a great place to just relax and breathe fresh air in the centre of London or just go paddle-boating while admiring the swans around.

Ride the London Eye

Your visit to London will not be completed if you do not ride the iconic London Eye. The Eye is a giant Ferris wheel that offers a spectacular view of the city. You can share the spacious pods with other tourists, or just enjoy a private pod with your special someone. Once done, you can visit the London Aquarium where you will find aquatic creatures such as crocodiles, seahorses and jellyfish.

Be at Shoreditch

Shoreditch is considered as one of the trendiest places in London after undergoing extensive regeneration. These days, it has become a great nightlife spot in the city since it offers a variety of bars and eateries. It is the perfect place to spend your day and evening affairs.

Travelling Solo – Is It Really Worth It?

Travelling on your own is kind of liberating in a way because you get to call all the shots. No one will tell you where to go and what to do because you will do all the decision making. And if you love being on your own, then travelling solo can really be fun.

While there are a lot of advantages to travelling solo there are also some disadvantages that come with this type of adventure. What if you get sick while on your trip? Since you need the right mind to decide on things but it will totally be different when you are not feeling well and alone. No one will be able to take care of you and see your situation.

Also, you may feel a bit bored without a companion. Although we all need a time for ourselves being on your own for a couple of days without a familiar face to talk with can be boring. Carrying a good book to read when you are bored may even feel heavy at times.

Although it is true that when you travel solo, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. However, most of those who travel on their own also find that they can bend and adjust themselves to fit the situation.

If you get sick while travelling, you may find yourself forcing yourself to get up, take your medicine or go to the nearest hospital to get better. If you feel bored because you don’t have the companion, you can find yourself talking to locals and making friends, allowing you to create friendships.

It is also a proven fact that while difficult situations arise when you travel solo, but it is also a guarantee that you will go back for more as travelling on your own can give you a totally different experience.

Backpack Travel Tips – Smart Packing For Travel

If you are going hiking this weekend make sure you have all the right essentials to do so. Whether you are backpacking and camping for a day or three, having the right items is crucial to having a great adventure. Your backpack will mostly contain everything you need, from food to your tent, so it is important to be smart when packing.

Backpacks and Hiking Boots

Carrying the right backpack is one of the most important items you should consider. When it comes to the right back where you need to place all your essentials and carry for hours at a time, there is no “one backpack fits all”. The right bag will still depend on your body build, size, and longevity of the trip.

You also need to consider wearing the right hiking boots. Make sure that you are wearing durable and comfortable shoes since you want to enjoy your trip and not complain about your feet hurting.

Overnight Backpacking and Camping Gear

Basic items that you need to bring with you if you are going to go on overnight are sleeping mat or a sleeping bag, tent, camping pillow, headlamp plus batteries, solar charger, and trash bags.

Trash bags are essential because we do not want to leave any trace of our backpacking time. This means we should not litre and bring our trash with us when we leave the campsite.

Food and Drink

Your food and drink will depend on your preference. Some backpackers prefer dehydrated meals while others bring energy bars and different types of snacks depending on the length of the trek. And of course, water is essential in most trips so make sure to invest in a filter and pouch or bottle to keep your clean water supply with you.