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Travelling Solo – Is It Really Worth It?

Travelling on your own is kind of liberating in a way because you get to call all the shots. No one will tell you where to go and what to do because you will do all the decision making. And if you love being on your own, then travelling solo can really be fun.

While there are a lot of advantages to travelling solo there are also some disadvantages that come with this type of adventure. What if you get sick while on your trip? Since you need the right mind to decide on things but it will totally be different when you are not feeling well and alone. No one will be able to take care of you and see your situation.

Also, you may feel a bit bored without a companion. Although we all need a time for ourselves being on your own for a couple of days without a familiar face to talk with can be boring. Carrying a good book to read when you are bored may even feel heavy at times.

Although it is true that when you travel solo, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. However, most of those who travel on their own also find that they can bend and adjust themselves to fit the situation.

If you get sick while travelling, you may find yourself forcing yourself to get up, take your medicine or go to the nearest hospital to get better. If you feel bored because you don’t have the companion, you can find yourself talking to locals and making friends, allowing you to create friendships.

It is also a proven fact that while difficult situations arise when you travel solo, but it is also a guarantee that you will go back for more as travelling on your own can give you a totally different experience.